Sample Site

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The content of each site is designed to be changed and updated by you using our easy on-line instructions. Each site is built with a standard set of pages which can be increased as required. To view additional options click on "Add Ons"


This page is usually the visitor entry point, so a brief introductory paragraph welcomes your visitor. You can add text and pictures on this page.


This is set up to let you to describe your training, discuss your influences or future direction as you wish.


Events is your "What's On" list. It can include Workshops, Exhibitions, or other activities. It is built by adding events through the "Add Images & Events" page. Each event can include text and pictures, but it also needs a date or a date range to update the calendar.


This page offers access to the images added through the "Add Images & Events" page. Again you can add some text here to give your visitors a feel for your work.


Images are added through the Add Images page and text can be added to describe the image or the process.

This page has a number of screen shots that identify what an artist would see and shows how you might use the system. Just click on an image to expand it.