Try some rough ideas in 3 Steps - (Click Tab on Toolbar above to switch pages)

1. GRAB PEN AND PAPER - Make a note of your chosen numbers and fonts to fill in on your design order form.

If you want several colour idea sheets open at the same time click here. New pages will open separate tabs or windows so switch back and forth using the Tab toolbar or the Windows bar which is usually at the bottom of the screen.

Press the F11 key to see more of the screen on the page, press F11 or esc to switch back. 

2. Choose Font and Colours for your Header

Select  Font:                                        

We have provided a range of fonts that are easy to read on the web and compatible with most computer software. The default font is Verdana. If you want to have your own handwriting or a different font fill in the box on the design order form

Select Header Background Colour:    

Click in the box. The colour chart has two options, click the main body to give you a general colour then the slider arrow on the right to change the tone to light or dark.  Write down the numbers of the colours you like. To look at them again just type in the number.

Select Font Colour:                              

Choose your font default colour. When you edit your own page you also have a colour change option for a word or paragraph.

Select  Font Size:                                 

3. Choose Font and Colour for the Body

Select  Font:                                        

Select Background:                             

Select  Font Colour: