Welcome to Leaping Elephants Ltd - Web Sites, we hope you find this information useful and simple to use. If however you do have a problem and would like to contact us please do so on 01373 467 616 between 9am and 7pm and we will be glad to help. Alternatively you can send us an e-mail on

1. To change text and titles

Now you have logged on you can change almost anything. Click the section in the menu you want to change, an edit tab will appear at the top of the screen. Clicking on it will change the format and show title box and body as you scroll down, go into either and change your headings and/or text. After any change you make remember to make sure to save it (Save button is at the bottom of the screen, scroll down using far right scroll bar) or it will be lost. We have provided a tool bar so you can change your text but you cannot change the size, font or format of the title, you will have selected those choices on your order form. This is so it always remains consistent on each page.

2. To add images to any page except Portfolio/Gallery or Cards

Choose your section from the menu. Click "Edit" and position the cursor in the "body" box next to the text where you want the top left hand corner of your image to start

   Click "postcard symbol" in the body toolbar
   The "Image Property" box appears click on the "Upload" tab   
   Click "browse" which will take you to the picture files on your computer.
   Select your picture (size up to 150K) by double clicking the one you want then click "send to server".
   It will tell you that it has been successful, click "OK".


The "Image Info" tab now lets you adjust the image size, position and border of empty space surrounding your image.
URL: It will have information in it that defines the address of the image from where you retrieved your photo and does not need changing.

Alternative Text:In this line you can enter words that describe the image, it will not show on your site except for "readers for the blind", but it will help the search engines to find your site more efficiently. In a few weeks we will send out a tip sheet to help you understand this functionality so ignore it until you get more instructions.

Width and height: specifies image size. 300 is about the right size to start with. the padlock symbolLock_image.png is defaulted to on, this changes the size of the image in proportion with the original. Keep in mind that in order to have a quick download of images onto your site the images must be small. 72dpi is a good resolution which also stops people from copying them too easily.

Border: specifies the size of the border you want to place around the image. "5" is a good start

HSpace: defines the size of the  horizontal border. Only needs to be used if you want uneven margins around your image.

VSpace: defines the size of the vertical border. As above

Align: specifies the alignment of the image in relation to the top and side of the overall body box. You can choose from: Left, Abs Bottom, Abs Middle, Baseline, Bottom, Middle, Right, Text Top or Top.

Click "OK" inserts the image with the specified properties. Inserting pictures shifts the text around and may require you to play a bit to find the right position. Tip: If you want to move a word to the next line because it is too close to the image put the cursor next to the word and do shift enter. This will move it just a line space rather than a paragraph space.

If you have inserted an image and later decide it is too small or the wrong one go to the page it's on. Click edit, find and place the cursor on the picture and then right click on it (There are 2 or more clickers on the mouse), this will bring up a box click on properties this will bring you back to "Image Info" where you can change size and position. If it is the wrong picture switch to "upload" and browse for a new picture following the steps above. 

3. if you are on a screen and need a little extra help to add information click ? symbol on the screen.

4. To add images and text to Portfolio, Cards and Exhibitions click  Add Images and Text in the menu

5. To Delete or change an image or text in Portfolio, Cards and Exhibitions go to the page they are on and click on the image or event until the format changes to show an edit button at the top of the page. Proceed as previously to edit

6. hover over a button with the cursor and an explanation box will appear


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